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What is Clev?

Clev is a learning platform that is designed for enterprises needs to manage competencies and learning path of the employees. We want to help your people reach a performance-knowledge balance


Why Clev?

Collaborative learning

Collaboration is key. Discuss interesting topic with workmate and gain fresh insights to grow together

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Various interactive learning media

We support various learning media from text to video. We even use technology such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for your learning growth

Personalized Course Management

Make it personal. Customize your course scheduling by adding content and course based on your learning plan

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Employee competency management

It will be available soon, Clev will be able to integrate with various platforms to support learning progress in your company


Learning Management Made Easy


Monitor what employees are learning


Easily track employees performances


Design Employee's career and development


Easy access on learning new competeny


Real- time collaboration with other team 


Keep track on when and what to learn

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